Wind Turbine Manufacturers List

With the increasing interest of small wind turbines in the U.S. market, there is also an increase in new turbines starting to show up.  Some may be real performers while others may end up producing little more than nice numbers on a spec sheet.  Since you are investing real money, you need real returns.  This makes it necessary to weed out the turbines that look good but have little substance.  A wind turbine manufacturer can claim something about their turbine that makes it the “best ever” but does this make it the best one for you?  Some of the claims are reasonable and serve a good purpose while others sound
good but mean little in the overall picture.  

  It sounds like an easy enough task doesn’t it?

  After all, most of us are used to buying all types of appliances for our homes on a regular basis so what makes this so different?  At this point in time, those appliances we are comfortable purchasing are usually common items that are available in a number of locations, at affordable costs and if one breaks down, a replacement can be just hours away.  A wind turbine is just the opposite.  It is not a common item available from numerous local sources, they will typically stretch the budget, and a break down can be a big deal.  

  So where does that leave you?

 Typically, you want to get the most value for your money but the small wind industry has not been interpreted for us like washers and dryers.  There are design characteristics and energy output numbers that need to be considered and most of the time you are on your own to figure out how they apply to you.   Even if you work at a company with 100 employees, the chances of finding someone with wind turbine experience will probably be pretty slim.  Finding multiple opinions and support may prove to be impossible.  

  Because of these factors, this is where we have set our goals.  First, we have weeded through turbine offerings and have come up with the most likely candidates for a successful wind energy system.  Second, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular (HAWT) wind turbines available in the U.S.  Third, based on our real life experiences with wind power we give you something lacking in the wind industry field, our opinion.


The information provided for the following list of wind turbine manufacturers is very limited.  We have only posted basic specs and information here.  The “Turbine Reviews” section in “The Complete Consumer’s Guide To Wind Power” is not comprised of these exact pages.  The ebook contains thorough, in-depth content, side-by-side comparisons, and our unbiased opinion of each turbine.  

Wind Turbine Manufacturer List


Abundant Renewable Energy ARE110 wind turbine

Abundant Renewable Energy (ARE) is located in Newberg Oregon. At one time they were the distributor for the African Wind Power AWP 3.6….


african wind power awp 3.7 wind turbine

The AWP 3.6 was at the top of our list when we started the search for our first wind turbine. When we went to inquire about them, we found that the last…


bergey xl.1 wind turbine

Bergey Windpower has been in the wind power business since about 1977. They have a reputation of being rugged and reliable units… 


Eoltec Scirocco wind turbine

If you are looking for a small wind turbine with big features, meet the Eoltec Scirocco. They are located in France and described as… 


kestrel e300 wind turbine

The South African company, Kestrel Wind Turbines, formed in 1999 is located in Port Elizabeth. In 2006 the company became… 

Other Power

otherpower wind turbine kit

Theses DIY’ers are quit bold in their explorations. They bill themselves as “the cutting edge of low technology” and “the blunt edge of high technology”…


Proven wind turbines use springs to pitch the blades

Proven Energy got its start in Scotland in 1982 with the first installation of a functioning turbine. They currently claim to have manufactured and installed over 1,500 turbines… 


Ventera VT10 downwind wind turbine

Ventera Energy is a company that holds a good potential for the small turbine market. The Ventera principals are from the former World Power Technologies company…

Southwest Windpower

southwest windpower whisper 100 / 200 wind turbine

Wind Turbine Industries Corp. ( WTIC ) acquired the Jacobs wind energy products in 1986 and continues to market updated and modified versions of the Jacobs wind turbine…

Zytech Aerodyne

lakota wind turbine

Zytech Aerodyne is now the new representation and manufacturing facility of Lakota and Longbow. They plan to have a distribution and service center open in Texas in 2010

WTIC Wind Turbine Industries (Jacobs)

Jacobs wind turbine

Wind Turbine Industries Corp. ( WTIC ) acquired the Jacobs wind energy products in 1986 and continues to market updated and modified versions of the Jacobs wind turbine…

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