Eoltec Wind Turbines

Eoltec is yet another European company that has jumped into the small wind market fray. Their Scirocco is an able turbine certain to be comfortable in a wide range of climate conditions. The company opened its doors in 2001 in “Nice, France. They describe themselves as an “experienced engineers owned” company.

Eoltec Scirocco wind turbine

Their drive is to supply turbines with current and efficient technology. The Scirocco certainly fits that bill. It is a nice package with:

  • Hollow Blades with aluminum root inserts
  • Variable Blade Pitch Speed Control
  • MPPT Power Management
  • Low Rotational Speed
Eoltec Scirocco centrifugal rotor blade pitch
Scirocco centrifugal blade pitch.

The 18.4 foot diameter rotor swings at a modest 245 rpm and is fully governed at 26 mph. The governing is provided by the passive, centrifugal blade pitch system.

The hollow blades are fiberglass with aluminum root inserts. They claim that this design is more efficient since they are lighter and can respond quicker to wind gusts. Since there is less inertia to overcome the rotor can spool up faster.

The company captures our attention with its statement regarding how they allocate their money. They maintain that they do not spend a lot on advertising and marketing rather invest in R&D and manufacturing.

eoltec scirocco specs chart

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