Jacobs Wind Turbine By WTIC

Jacobs turbine… sound familiar? Many folks may remember these machines from days long past. Jacobs was originally formed in the 1920s and is one of the oldest wind turbine companies that is still around in some form. Wind Turbine Industries Corp. ( WTIC ) acquired the Jacobs wind energy products in 1986 and continues to market updated and modified versions of the Jacobs.

Jacobs wind turbine

The Jacobs is also a little more complex than most of the other turbines currently on the market. It uses a blade pitch and a furl action to control speed.

alt="Jacobs wind turbine design features"

The speed is also one of the slowest at 175 rpm, beat only by the ARE 442. The major difference being that the WTIC wind turbines are geared and the ARE 442 is direct driven. This would mean increased complexity.

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