Costco golf cart batteries

by John
(Pahoa, HI, USA)

I use 12 6V Costco golf cart batteries to power my off-grid permanent residence. They are connected to a single charge controller and two 2400W stacked Outback inverters. My Gram all-refrigerator and Electrolux chest freezer are 24VDC as is my 24V(25A) Sunpump water pump. We are two full-time residents with an occasional visitor. Our geographic location is Pahoa, HI 96720. My first set of batteries lasted 5 years (first set cost $500). They are re-charged by an array of PV solar panels of 1310W and a backup generator. For 7 years the generator has run 125 hours per year plus/minus 50 hours.

This year I attached the BLS-24/36. Will see if it helps.

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