Alaska Villages Are Trading Oil or Wind Power

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Written By Jordan Wilder

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alaska wind turbine

With the abundant North Slope crude flowing through the state, Alaskan residents shunning oil for wind power is becoming a trend that makes sense in an odd sort of way.

  The price for diesel to run power generation equipment for a Bush community has always commanded a premium but the villages are looking for less costly options to keep the lights burning.  With the availability of the Northern Power Systems wind turbines that are designed for cold, remote locations, that premium is being seriously weighed against the cost of wind generated electricity.

True North Power Systems “Northwind” wind turbines

  The comment from state energy coordinator Steve Haagenson, “Oil used to be cheap and convenient, today, it’s just convenient.” explains the shift in sentiment.  Rural AK is one place where using wind energy is the proverbial “no brainer”.  Click here to read the full article.

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