12 volt Trojan Golf Cart Batteries & Battery Saver

by George
(The Villages, Fl.)

I have been running golf cart batteries in my golf cart for 10 years. This is several different carts. My education on batteries is that they go bad because the plates accumulate sulfite on them and when they get enough they quit. So…if you can eliminate the sulfite problem you can get a lot more use from the batteries. Enter the “Battery Saver”. This is a device that connects into the battery bank and breaks down the sulfite from the plates and puts it back into solution. This thing really works and I have used it on 4 carts with great success. Look it up on the web. “Battery Saver”. Would not run my cart without it. I am now running 4 12 volt Trojan batteries in my 2 year old cart and regularly get 40 miles between charges.
For about 15 years I sailed a 27 foot boat on the Chesapeake and had great success with interstae deep cycle batteries. That is whole different set of problems because sailors are notorious for neglecting batteries and engines. The main problem is they do not fully charge their batteries when they are done for the day. A good case for a manual alternator controller and the “Battery Saver”

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