Most Lead-acid Batteries are Recycled, not thrown away…

Lead-acid batteries are the most recycled of all types, so most are not wasted. If you’re worried about it, recycle the ones you use.

I manage a small fleet of golf carts, and have done some testing and research on that style of battery. I would agree that industrial batts would be better, with less maintenance, especially considering the large number of interconnect cables that dissolve with smaller batteries. i just purchased a used 5kw 120/240 inverter / UPS system, less batteries. I’ll probably get a used lift batt to start. i’d like to put up about a 2kw array, at some point, this system is only for backup for now. will initially charge from the grid, and when necessary, from a generator to consolidate the runtime of the genset. I pick the unit up this weekend, I’m stoked.

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