I sunk my inverter!!!

by Crisp

I bought an Outback FX3048, reconditioned, for about half off. I left it in it’s shipping box in the rain, outside, thinking it was a sealed unit… When I pulled it out of the box I heard water sloshing inside the unit… (Not recommended in the owners manual…). I took it apart, dried it out, and with some trepidation hooked it up. It worked perfectly, for about a month. Then it quit. After very patiently working through the settings, I told the outback tech, George, that I was out of time and would call back after the weekend. When I called Monday he asked if I still had problems, I told him that that inverter was never going to cause another problem ever again. I informed him that I gutted all three boards out of the unit. Even after filling the unit with water, and telling outback of that, they still had three replacement boards on my doorstep by Thursday, three days later for free… The inverter is now happily spinning my electric meter the rite way again !!! I have never seen a company that stands behind their product so fully, especially in face of an idiot customer such as myself…

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