Homeowner in Louisiana

One of our Outback inverters (6 y old) started making a rattling sound when it started up. The technical service rep took at least 30 minutes to walk this old lady through the diagnostic steps. Wow. What patience. We finally narrowed it down to a fan that is probably going to be needing to be replaced.

The sales staff was very helpful in getting information to me on suppliers and Outback service reps, if needed. I was very impressed with their service.

Something I found out that is really nice is that you don’t have to worry about model numbers, etc, since all their inverters use the same fan, a $30 part. The sales rep seems to think that I could do the replacement myself, which my husband has forbidden (he hates me tacking challenges). The tech service rep has said that he would walk me through it, but it requires that my model be taken off the wall and placed on a flat surface for fan replacement. I don’t know if I am up to that. Oh well. I guess I will have to pay someone for the work.

I am going to get the part and when the red error light starts flashing, as the tech service rep informed me, that is when the replacement is needed.

My only problem is finding an Outback supplier that has the fan on their website. I finally found one at myenergywarehouse.com. I imagine if I were to call Outback dealers, they would let me order one over the telephone.

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