Alternative to Lead-Acid (Large-Scale Battery Systems)

by Brandon
(Lakewood, CO)

We need to start talking about how many batteries we are throwing away every year. This is a major problem!!!

Iron Edison is redefining off-grid energy storage using advanced Nickel-iron (Ni-Fe) battery technology.

Vastly out-lasting the 7 year life cycle of their lead-acid counterparts, Nickel-iron battery systems have an expected life of twenty five years or more and are quickly becoming the environmentally sensitive choice for off-grid and renewable energy storage applications.

For more information on what will likely be the last set of renewable energy batteries your will ever need to buy, please stop by

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Aug 19, 2014
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by: Brandon

Thanks for both of your comments. My goal is to keep this conversation constructive by sharing detailed info. Please reply with your constructive comments!

$4000 corresponds to about 1100Ah 24V lead acid battery. To get 8 years (2920 cycles), you would only use 30% of the 1100Ah. Here is the manufacturer’s info sheet that shows the relation between DOD and cycle life: (
The $4000 battery has 330Ah of available capacity at 24V.

The nickel iron battery has 80% available capacity, and the new USA Series NiFe battery is rated to 11,000 cycles or 30 years.

A 400Ah 24V Nickel Iron battery at 80% DOD has 320Ah of available capacity. The 400Ah 24V NiFe battery (standard) is priced at $7,600. The USA Series NiFe battery is priced at $9,980. Nickel Iron batteries are about double the price of lead acid, when comparing available amp hours. For this price, you would get one battery (not many) that would last for 30+ years.

Considering the toxic emissions that come from lead acid smelters, it’s important to note that there are some important external costs that are not factored into the price of a lead acid battery. Please see this article from 4 days ago:
Aug 19, 2014
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by: Anonymous

Yeah, because shifting from lead was about saving money… or NOT. Some people actually care about other things than money, like having a functional planet to live on. If you wanna argue economics in lead vs. iron, perhaps you should stop externalizing the actual costs outside your wallet. Just a thought.
Oct 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

I looked at the site you recommended and to have a useable or functional system you are looking at $30,000 for system that is still short of what I need. My guess is this is not going to happen. I would rather spend $4000 on a set of batteries that last only 8 years rather than spend $30K for 25 years. After all, I may only need to buy 5 sets of banks @ $4000 to last the rest of my life and still only pay $20K and well…8 years times 5 sets= 40 years worth of batteries. On a 40 year life expectancy I would still have to purchase another $30K bank which would mean in my life time I would spend $60K instead of the $20k. This does not seem reasonable.

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